Using traditional oracles and divination tools, we peek under life's surface to reveal personal truths and unique characteristics for you and your guests. The excitement of these insights will energize your guests and ensure there is never a dull moment.

What do the stars hold for you?
Handwriting Analysis
A small sample of handwriting reveals more than you can imagine.
Your eyes are the windows of your soul. An iridologist reads the unique patterns of your eye’s iris, identifying behavioral, communication and relationship patterns.
Your first name and birthday yield key numbers that tell much about yourself and what you can expect for the upcoming year.
Tarot Cards
The Tarot has answers for life's pressing questions, offering insight into the past, present and future.
Oracle Cards
Different from the Tarot cards, Oracle cards give specific messages about current and future situations in your life.
The StarCaster Oracle
Your question is posed and tiles engraved with the ancient symbols of astrology are cast revealing astounding messages.
Crystal Ball Readings
Looking into a crystal ball, our psychics can read the information revealed, identifying what is happening in your life and what you need to know about events to come.
With the ancient art and science that interprets the shape, lines and patterns in your hand, our palm readers will give you important information about your life, relationships, talents and major life events.
Massage Therapy
Relax in the experienced hands of one of our professional therapists and feel the day's stress melt away.

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